Environmental Policy

Our Aim

As a specialist provider of outdoor activities, the landscape and environment in which we operate is our greatest asset.  We aim to minimise the negative effects of our operations on the natural environment.

Our Methods

We operate our company in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner, our methods include:

  • Car share schemes
  • Recycling
  • Paper/print minimisation (electronic back-up only)
  • Buildings & facilities redesign & management
  • Ongoing service design & consideration
  • Compliance with relevant environmental legislation

By reducing our carbon footprint, maximising use of renewable resources and considering efficiency at all levels of the company we endeavour to protect our surroundings, immediate and otherwise.  We have extended our range of events and schedules that minimise environmental impact via minimal use of road transport whilst maximising the benefits to our clients.  All our events utilise our philosophy minimising the impact of our clients through continuous impact assessment, waste management and communication.

We have spoken at length with local stakeholders including farmers, residents, the National Trust and the National Park authority to make them aware of how we conduct our operations.  We firmly believe that to sustain our outdoor activity operations in the future it is essential to follow best practice and a firm set of rules greatly minimising any negative impacts on areas of outstanding beauty.

Our small group policy and client to instructor ratios are specifically designed to minimise impact on the rural infrastructure – roads, footpaths & communities local to our operations.

Environmental Policy Environmental Policy