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Looking for an activity in the Lake District that involves a little adventure?  How about gorge walking?

Yes, that’s it, gorge walking. Or ghyll scrambling, canyoning, river walking, waterfall jumping.  Whatever you've heard it called before it's a thrilling, exciting, adventurous day out.  If you come through our doors wanting something to get everyone going and don't mind getting wet, our go to answer is gorge walking – especially in the rain.  If you're still not sure you can find some more information below:

What does it involve?  

Quite simply it is a range of things; walking, climbing, abseiling, swimming, jumping, diving, sliding, and best of all exploring.  We use a variety of venues depending on your requirements and each venue offers different aspects, so please ask us about these if you are looking to book one of our tours. Gorge walking is quite physical as you are moving in different ways and using your whole body to walk, climb and sometimes swim in the gorge, but you don’t need to be in peak physical shape to participate.  People aged from 5 to 70 have been gorge walking with us, so as long as you have a basic fitness level there's no reason why you can't have a go.

Where does it take place?  

A ghyll or gorge is usually where water that streams down a hill or mountain side has carved a deep groove into the rock and left an obstacle course of waterfalls, caves, slides and so much more.  Every ghyll you visit is totally different from the last, providing new challenges, new discoveries and new thrills.  There are a range of gorge walking venues in the Lake District to choose from, providing something suitable for everyone. 

What do we wear?  

When gorge walking you need to be well prepared and we provide all the technical clothing. Dependent on the venue and weather conditions we may start with a neoprene wetsuit which should be in contact with as much skin as possible to be most effective.  The reason for this is that the wetsuit is designed to trap a thin layer of water between the suit and skin, which then warms up and creates an insulating layer of water.  It isn't always necessary to wear a wetsuit as some venues involve limited water submersion or it can be warm enough without, particularly during the summer.  With our without a wetsuit a good mid-layer (particularly if the weather's cooler), which could be a fleece or thermal top, is worthwhile, also some waterproofs to provide extra insulation.  Now for the feet, we find that Wellington boots work best as they grip well and provide good ankle support and protection, although trainers can work just as well, and once again it may depend on the venue and time of year. Have you got enough on yet?  Nope.  To finish you off you will need a helmet and potentially a buoyancy aid and harness.  This means that your vitals are well protected; you have back support and your helmet will protect your head, meanwhile the harness provides a strong anchor point for climbing, abseiling and pulling the shorter members of your group up tricky steps.

What if it’s raining?

Great!  We love gorge walking in the rain.  It makes it so much more exciting because the amount of water running through the gorge can change all the time, and the water can rise gradually and provide new challenges and even more fun.  Of course we must mention it can rain too much.  This is rare and sometimes makes some gorges too dangerous, but generally there is a backup venue that in fact only works when there is lots of water.

So what are you waiting for?  

Come gorge walking on your next day out in the Lake District.  Contact us on 017684 86465.  If you would like to combine gorge walking with other activities to create one big Lake District adventure take a look at our multi-activity packages.

"Thank you so much for a fun few hours… photos are amazing.  The boys voted our Gorge walking as their best holiday activity of the week.  We will be back for more adventures."

Brendan & Janine

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Gorge Walking Lake District Gorge Walking Lake District Gorge Walking Lake District