Crevasse Rescue - Preparatory indoor training

Distant Horizons UK offers crevasse rescue and glacier travel courses at our technical outdoor training centre in Cumbria.  Prior to venturing out to the Alps or going to tackle a trekking peak like Mera in Nepal people often want to have some experience, which of course is very difficult to gain in the UK.  

Our facilities

There are virtually no locations within the UK where specific training is offered in crevasse rescue, so we are pleased to offer courses in our purpose built technical outdoor training centre for all things climbing related.  Our centre has been expertly designed which allows us to simulate the different scenarios you may encounter whilst being on a crevasse, and train you on how to apply the necessary techniques to efficiently deal with any situation. We have fittings which allow us to place ice screws and use ice axes as anchors to effect a crevasse haul system. We also have an elevated platform which provides us with the perfect set up for improvising hoisting techniques over a 90 degree angled lip. 

What we cover

Our one day crevasse rescue course will cover a range of skills and techniques including:

  • Ascending and descending ropes using prussiks, tiblocs, ropeman and handled ascenders
  • Setting up basic to advanced hoisting and hauling systems using a range of hardware
  • Understanding anchor types and systems
  • How to rope up for glacier travel and hold falls
  • How to descend on snow and ice and retrieve rope

The above are just some of the things we can cover with many options available as our crevasse rescue course is designed with the client in mind, therefore we run itinerary's to your needs and experience.  

We provide:

  • Highly qualified and experienced instructor
  • All technical equipment
  • Photo memoir of your course


Although our courses tend to be arranged for bespoke groups, if you would like to do a Crevasse Rescue Course as an individual or with a friend please contact us as we may be able to combine you with a similar group.

Here are the dates we currently have availability on a Crevasse Rescue Course: 

  • No dates currently available

It may not be the real thing but it is perfect for understanding all of the techniques required and it gives people the opportunity to get some mileage whilst in a very safe and controlled environment, and at any time of the year.  To book a crevasse rescue training day contact us on: 017684 86465 or

"Mike was a very knowledgeable instructor who made everybody understand all the principles of moving together and crevasse rescue."

Laurie Dowell

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At A Glance

Price Per Person: From £55+vat

Duration: 1 Day

Dates: Year round

Group Size: 1+

Crevasse Rescue - Preparatory indoor training Crevasse Rescue - Preparatory indoor training Crevasse Rescue - Preparatory indoor training