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Adventure Races

Adventure Races and Team Challenges can be the perfect way for you and your organisation to all come together and have an inspired and shared experience in the great outdoors.  Let's face it The London Marathon is a brilliant thing but completing such an undertaking is just simply beyond many people.  

Our Adventure Races are designed specifically for you and take into account everything about you, for example - overall aims and objectives, previous experience, age & fitness levels and your preferred location.  With this detailed information we will create the best and most motivational outdoor adventure race you can do.

What to consider

We have a number of options for you to consider when planning an adventure race such as distance covered, time frame, activity disciplines and level.  You can stick to a single discipline adventure race such as a mountain walking challenge or you can undertake an race with a mixture of outdoor activities and blend with some team tasks at various locations - the options are limitless.  Outdoor activities can include kayaking, canoeing, cycling, abseiling, swimming and orienteering to name a few.

To get a feel for how your adventure race could look please view the Samworth Charity Challenge site.  We have designed and ran their events since 2007 creating unique and inspiring courses to aid their fundraisng efforts.  To date they have raised over £1.177m for charity.


  • Course design
  • Consultancy
  • Marshalls and safety cover including first aid
  • Logistical support
  • Participant tracking & event communications
  • Pre event briefing for all participants
  • Route information for all participants to include team maps, race numbers, emergency literature and briefing documents

For information on our Adventure Races we can be contacted on: 017684 86465 or send us an e-mail via our contacts page.

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Price per person: From £100 + vat

Activity Level: 3A - 5C
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Dates: April to Sep

Group Size: 12+

Lake District Races (Lake District Running Events)