There’s no need to feel nervous about kayaking on the 3 Lakes Challenge

30 Jan 2018 - Nick

 The 3 Lakes Challenge is always a popular event for our clients, but understandably, some people feel nervous about taking part due to their lack of kayaking experience. Whilst it might seem daunting, there’s nothing to worry about, and we are here to support you at all stages at Distant Horizons, so you get the best experience from this very rewarding event.

We only use tandem sea kayaks for our water-based activities, and these are great for beginners who might have little or no experience. As big, stable boats, they put your mind at rest, and are very easy to handle, so make the perfect vessel for novices.

Kayaks are comfortable and very easy to handle

You’ll sit comfortably inside our kayaks and be able to stay upright for long periods of time. With excellent stability and nimble handling, you’ll soon be an expert out on the water, and feel safe, secure and at ease with your surroundings.

Take part in the challenge, and we make sure you are well looked after, with a team of highly experienced and suitably qualified sea kayak guides to support you through all stages.

You’ll be given all the clothing and equipment you need, and receive the very best instruction through a detailed briefing session, so you are familiar with the necessary kayaking techniques, and feel confident our on the water.            

Our kayaks are perfect for the 3 Lakes Challenge

Tandem sea kayaks are ideal for the 3 Lakes Challenge and regardless of whether you have kayaked before, you’ll be a dab hand in no time.  Life on the water is peaceful and tranquil, plus there’s no better way of witnessing the beauty of the Lake District from the perfect vantage point, as you successfully navigate Coniston Water, Windermere and Ullswater in your easy-to-handle kayak.

For more information about kayaking on the 3 Lakes Challenge, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Distant Horizons, or call 01768 486 465 for more details. 

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