Team Building Activities are Unbeatable for Productivity and High Morale

9 May 2017 - Nick

Team building has a bad reputation and when you mention a team building day or weekend to your team, the chances are you won’t see any smiles, but team building events are one of the biggest and worthwhile investments you can make. Team building challenges work by building up trust between your team and helping to ease any underlying conflict, encouraging and improving communication and improving the level and quality of collaboration. Team building activities at Distant Horizons are specifically designed to be enjoyable and adventurous, helping you to achieve a highly engaged team that contribute both to a positive work culture and the company profits.

So, how to the team at Distant Horizons ensure your team building challenges will be adventurous, enjoyable and rewarding?

The experts in team building event design

Once you’ve contacted us about running your team building event, you will be assigned a lead facilitator who will contact you to discuss what you hope to achieve from the team building event you want. We will then design a range of challenges that will help your team to develop individually and as a team, learning effective leadership and how to maximise their efficiency as a team.

By making the use of the latest team structuring, management, communication and psychometric testing models within our challenges, we can offer debriefing discussions after every activity and at the end of the team building event to discuss the learning outcomes of the event and how you can transfer that back to the workplace.

Indoor and on-site team building events

Depending on the kind of activities you want to offer your employees, you may find that indoor and on-site activities suit your goals more than outdoor activities would. We will work with you to develop a bespoke team building event that reflects the ethos and culture of your company and the needs of your team. When you use Distant Horizons for your team building events, you can rest assured your team will receive a personal approach as we design a team building event using our unrivalled levels of team development expertise.

Outdoor and adventurous team building events

Taking your team outside and presenting them with new and adventurous challenges is a reliably effective way to develop your team, helping them to learn to work as a cohesive group. Outdoor team building events will push your team out of their comfort zone and introduce them to new and challenging situations they have to overcome together.

Our highly experienced facilitators will utilise a range of development tools to create an environment ideal for encouraging communication, collaboration and motivation, before bringing the team together to talk about their experiences and thoughts that could be carried forwards to improve their performance in the workplace.

Choosing Distant Horizons for your team building events

The team building designing service at Distant Horizons starts at £200+VAT in addition to the individual fee, which is from £60pp for the whole day. Our team building packages work best as a whole day event or over multiple days for teams looking for maximum results.

By booking at least one full day, this allows our facilitators to spend a valuable amount of time with your team and understand how best to implement our range of development tools to ensure you receive as much of a benefit as possible. If you have the time and the money, we recommend a 2-3 day team building event so we can ensure every member of your team leaves us well-equipped to implement positive changes for the benefit of your team.


For more information about our team building events in the Lake District, simply call us on 017684 86465 or get in touch online today.

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