Nervous about kayaking?

Nervous about kayaking?

Most new experiences cause us to panic at least a little, and enclosed spaces combined with water can be a bit too much for some, but all these worries can be put to rest when you explore the Lake District with us.  We regularly work with people who are uncomfortable with the idea of getting into a kayak or canoe, and appreciate your concerns, therefore we give you the time and proper equipment to ensure that you are as comfortable and stable as possible whilst on the water. 

Boat types

Although kayaking and canoeing are two very similar sports, boat design can differ greatly, and sometimes there’s confusion about which one is which.  

  • Kayaks - tend to have a ‘cockpit’ which you sit inside with your legs stretched out in front of you, like the picture to the right.  The kayaks we generally use are tandem sea kayaks, which are great for beginners as they are big, stable boats designed for sitting comfortably and up right for a long time, it’s easy.  
  • Canoes - open boats that allow you to move around from one end to the other.  Our canoes can be modified into rafts making them extremely stable and able to carry lots of weight.  On top of all this fantastic equipment you will have an experienced instructor who will guide you through everything at your own pace.

Your personal guide

Our instructors are highly experienced, and when it comes to sea kayaking you can guarantee some of the best instruction available in the Lake District.  Your instructor will take you through everything you wish to know about kayaking or canoeing, from carrying your boat correctly to fitting yourself in so that you have the best control of the boat.  Don’t worry, we don’t just reel off instructions and expect you to rule the high seas after an hour, we will progress at a pace that is suited to you and your individual requirements.

What if I capsize?

Unless they really want to hardly any of our clients actually capsize a boat.  And if they do everyone wears a buoyancy aid, so despite the disorientation which can be caused by going upside down, the buoyancy aids naturally cause you to float out of the boat and up to the surface.  A little wiggle may be required but nothing more, and the more relaxed you are the easier it happens.   The instructors are also close at hand to help.   You may see some people sealed into kayaks by what resembles a skirt which have a quick release handle, but this is optional, not essential, letting you choose what you feel most comfortable with.

Canoeing and kayaking events and activities

Still have some questions?

If you would like to speak to us directly about any queries or concerns you may have about canoeing or kayaking you can contact us on 017684 86465 or

We appreciate that people get anxious about kayaking and canoeing, but our primary focus is keeping you safe and we will do our upmost to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  Going kayaking and canoeing in the Lake District really is a must.  It offers fantastic views of the surrounding mountains, and even if you have climbed all the Lakeland fells 3 times you will still have missed the wonderful perspectives experienced from the lakes.

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