Team building day in our training centre

Team building day in our training centre

As well as using outdoor activities to enhance team development we also utilise our indoor activities and training centre in Cumbria.  Most recently a very enthusiastic group of distribution representatives from Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries joined us for a team building session at the Distant Horizons estate. 


The day began with us establishing some background information to help us decide how activities and tasks could be tailored to ensure the aims and objectives of the team building session were fulfilled.  An initial discussion to explore individuals’ roles and how they felt at work gave the Distant Horizons team valuable insights on individual characteristics and team dynamics.  

In-grounds team dynamics 

After an initial ice breaker and energiser session with the team working as a whole it became clear to everyone that both as individuals and as a team they could achieve more than they expected.  To work on this and ensure team members got fully involved the group split into two teams and faced more intricate and challenging tasks to explore their abilities and dynamics further.  From escaping mine fields to tying knots each team was presented with new challenges to make them think creatively and logically.  Each team worked fantastically throughout this part of the team building session until focus started to wane due to everyone wanting a go on the climbing wall!

Indoor climbing and abseiling

The day concluded with a session of indoor climbing and abseiling.  Dealing with anxieties over heights is a very personal achievement and helps relate to expanding the comfort zone, however the rest of the team were never far away making this a combined team building effort.  One team member had to hold the climbers rope using what’s called a bottom rope belay system; each climber is attached to a safety rope and the system includes another person on the ground holding the rope using a friction device, ensuring the rope remains tight at all times.  Other team members gave encouragement to the climber and also advised them on the best route.  Communication therefore played a large part in this task to ensure the climber was safe and supported throughout.

Overall the group were armed with new skills and insights that could be taken back to the work place, whether this was confidence to overcome new challenges or understanding other people’s strengths and how to utilise them back at work.  The group’s positivity and enthusiasm shone through in every task they undertook and Distant Horizons thoroughly enjoyed having the Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries at the estate.  We hope they had a great time testing their wits and look forward to seeing them again in the future.  

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