Lake District SAS Challenge Event

Lake District SAS Challenge Event

Sunday 8th December was one of those days were we get to test our new challenge events against the elite.  Whenever Jason comes up with a new Lake District challenge event we recruit the help of the well-seasoned NAV4 Adventure crew to come and try out the challenge event before we offer it to our clients.  We appreciate that this super fit group of adventure racers are not our usual clientele but it gives us a feel for how well the event will run for a more modestly fit group and what needs to be changed before it is made public, and we felt that these guys were the best ones to test the challenge we called the SAS (strength, adrenalin and stamina) challenge event.

So, on Sunday morning at 8am Dan had a team of 4 adventure racers who started by riding their bicycles from the Distant Horizons estate in Watermillock and headed off to the Eastern hills before donning their running shoes for a bit of fell running.  Throughout the mountain section of the challenge the team had to deal with strong winds, unpleasant conditions underfoot and as they described ‘non-conversational weather’ but still managed to knock out the mountain crossing in a couple of hours.
Up to this point the team had surprised Dan as they had eaten very little and been so quick with their transition.  The big surprise came when Dan realised he had eaten more food than most of the NAV4 team put together, even though he was just driving the van all day.

It was then time for the second bike leg which would see them reach Ullswater after a few added tasks along the way.  After a sit on a bike it was now time to get comfortable in a sea kayak and paddle down Ullswater.  It may have been a bit more comfortable if the sun had been shining and the lake was like a mill pond, but this was the practise run of the SAS Challenge Event so bottom lips had to be sucked in.  Pooley Bridge was the aim but there were a few more small tasks to complete along the way before they would reach their final destination.  By this point Dan had done a little bit of running around and felt like he had done enough to justify how much he had eaten.

Overall the NAV4 Adventure team completed the Distant Horizons 50km SAS challenge event in a staggering 7hours.  A fantastic achievement and now we need some willing groups to test themselves by also taking on the challenge.  It’s perfect for people who have done challenge events in the past and are looking for the next test.  We will look after you and cater for your group all day, providing all technical equipment, catering and transport.  Contact us for more details or watch this space for more details on the SAS challenge event and to find out about all the elements that make this a truly multi-discipline, adventurous, event.  Can you take on the Distant Horizons SAS challenge event?

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