Enjoy a Day of Adventure with Distant Horizons this Summer

25 May 2017 - Nick

Here at Distant Horizons, we know how difficult it can be to find fun activities to enjoy over the summer, which is why we offer a wide range of activities for families and groups of friends to enjoy. We’re in the heart of the Lake District and Eden Valley, so you can easily reach us at any point of your Lake District holiday and enjoy yourselves doing something slightly different. Whether you want some adventurous outdoor activities or new indoor activities to try out, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the team at Distant Horizons.

Our family and friend group packages start at just £40 per hour for a family of 4, with our outdoor activities starting from £89 for a family of three for half a day. Our full-day outdoor family packages start from £155, and you can split this over 2 half-days should you wish.


Our outdoor activities

Whilst we offer our outdoor activities all year round, they’re particularly suited for the family on summer holiday together. Some of the outdoor activities we offer include:

  • Rock climbing – Climb some of the greatest heights in the Lake District before abseiling back down and enjoy the view.
  • Kayak and canoeing – Peacefully glide across some of the most beautiful lakes in Cumbria and test your mettle with some added cliff jumping.
  • Raft building – The ultimate test of teamwork; can your family (or friends) build a sink-proof raft?
  • Ghyll scrambling – Enjoy some magnificent scenery as you climb and abseil down waterfalls and enjoy a variety of slides and shoots.


Our indoor activities

Our indoor activities are perfect if you want to enjoy a fun and active day without having to suffer the bad weather. Choose from a wide range of different activities to build up your families’ perfect package, and just because you’re inside, it doesn’t mean you’ll have any less fun. Some of our indoor activities include:

  • Archery – With both indoor and outdoor ranges, you can polish up your aiming skills and achieve that bullseye.
  • Climbing and abseiling – We have a number of different climbing routes for you to figure out and our abseiling slab offers lots of fun for everyone.
  • Crate stack – Our crate stack is ideal if you’re looking for something new different to try out. How far will you get before your tower falls down and you’re left hanging?


No need to worry about bad weather

The team at Distant Horizons have been running family events for more than 20 years, and we’re the experts in ensuring you remain warm, dry and happy- whatever the weather. We can usually find somewhere in the Lake District for your outdoor activities, but if the weather really is terrible, you have a number of options to choose from.

You can either choose another activity which is better suited to the conditions or we can reschedule your activity for another day, if possible.


Relax and enjoy yourselves

You and your family or friends don’t need to worry about anything when you choose to enjoy activities with the team at Distant Horizons. We’ll supply all the specialist equipment and clothing and we’ll take you to the location your outdoor activity is being held.

Our wide range of outdoor and indoor activities means you’ll find the perfect thing to do with your family or friends. Create some long-lasting and beloved memories this summer with the team at Distant Horizons. To find out more and to book your family simply contact us online or call us on 01786 486 465 today.

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