Do Something Amazing this 2018: Event Challenges with Distant Horizons

9 Nov 2017 - Nick

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, now is the time to get prepared to do something new, challenging and amazing in the New Year. Here at Distant Horizons, we specialise in working with groups of friends and colleagues to build up a unique experience in the Lake District where you can push yourself to your limits, and then find out you can break through them. Not only are our adventure challenges physically demanding, they’ll help you to become closer to the rest of your group and help you beat the January blues.

We offer a range of activity challenges, so whether you want something relatively mild and easy, you want to take on our Three Peaks Challenge, or you want a bespoke adventure you’ll never forget, the Distant Horizons team is on hand to help.


Push yourself and exceed your limits

So often, we work with groups who think that they won’t be able to complete an adventure challenge, that it’s too much for them. Whilst you do need a certain level of fitness to complete our adventure challenges, you’ll be amazed at how much you can do, feeling a great sense of achievement at the end.

By booking your 2018 adventure challenge now, you can ensure you have plenty of time to prepare and get fit before you take on your adventure challenge!


We offer a range of challenges in the beautiful Lake District

As well as our bespoke adventure challenges, we have a number of set challenges for you to choose from, divided by how tough they are.

Level 1 – These challenges are designed for groups new to adventure challenges, but you’ll still need to prepare for the challenge by using our training programme. Despite this, our Level One challenges are quite achievable for most people looking to try out something new.

Level 2 – If you’ve done adventure challenges in the past or you regularly take part in outdoor activities, our Level 2 Tough challenges are well-suited to you. Often consisting of multiple activities, our Level 2 challenges will really get you to push yourself, and we have a variety of land and water based activities for you to choose from.

Level 3 – If you’re a seasoned expert in adventure challenges and you want something that’s really going to push you to your limits, our Level 3 Extreme adventure challenges are just for you. You’ll need a very good level of fitness, as well as the physical and mental strength to endure prolonged and technical challenges. We don’t recommend choosing one of our extreme challenges if you haven’t completed a few adventure challenges in the past or if you don’t meet the high fitness requirements.

Additionally, we have budget adventure challenges which make pushing yourself to your limits truly affordable. You’ll get to explore some of the most beautiful landscapes as you choose from a wide range of land and water based challenges.


Winter challenge events

If you’re looking to finish 2017 with something you haven’t done before, we also provide team building activities in our indoor barn – ideal for colleagues and groups of friends looking to do something exciting before Christmas. Our range of on-site facilities ensures you don’t have to worry about bad weather and can just enjoy your day in the Lake District.


For more information about our adventure challenges and to book your adventure challenge for 2018, call us today on 01768 486 465 or get in touch online.

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