Are You Ready To Conquer The 3 Peaks Mountain Challenge?

30 Jan 2018 - Nick

At Distant Horizons, we have a range of challenging activities designed to push you to the limit and help you accomplish life goals you never thought you would achieve. Our 3 Peaks mountain challenge is a good example of this covering 3 of the most demanding summit regions in the Lake District, to give competitors a real sense of achievement. Physically demanding, this invigorating experience will leave you feeling totally rewarded, and it’s mentally stimulating too, so you are sure to achieve the maximum benefit from this fun, but ultimately testing experience.     



The 3 Peaks Mountain Challenge is hugely popular with people from all walks of life for a very good reason. This inspiring and appealing event involves a great deal of hiking, taking in 3 of the Lake District’s highest mountain regions found at Scafell, Skiddaw and Helvellyn and covering a total distance of 32km. The challenge is to complete a hike up all 3 of the mountains within 12 hours, and this includes the short driving time between each peak. Although the distance spent walking is very similar to the National 3 Peaks Challenge, the duration of the event is half, due to the shorter drive between each mountain region.     



In a nutshell, very! People often take on the National 3 Peaks with varying degrees of success, little realising how punishing this challenge is to their bodies. The time spent driving on the National challenge equates to 10 hours, with the hiking interrupted with long drives between each peak, making this experience extremely stop-start. The Lake District version is far more rewarding. Participants often say this is actually more of a challenge as they cover long distances walking with less downtime in-between. There are other benefits of the 3 Peaks Mountain Challenge too, with all of the hiking completed within normal walking hours and therefore not depriving the body of sleep, thus giving you a greater chance of completing the experience.  



The Lake District challenge is a brilliant charity fundraiser and perfect as a team building activity, with most events completed by select groups of people, and the option to take part as an individual or with a friend or two. Teams are fully supported throughout the event by highly experienced mountain guides who are there to assist with route finding and ensure that mountain safety is adhered to at all times. Everything you need to complete the challenge is provided by us here at Distant Horizons, including essential equipment and vital must-haves, such as:


  • Suitably qualified and highly experienced mountain guides
  • Technical equipment and clothing including waterproof jackets, trousers and a 30-litre rucksack
  • Preparation for the event and advice to help you train
  • All of the vehicle support needed to travel between peaks
  • Food and drinks to provide nourishment and energy on the day
  • A souvenir photograph of the event
  • 15% discount on clothing and equipment at Cotswold Outdoor



Here at Distant Horizons, our challenge events can be arranged for private groups and we will tailor these to your needs, or contact us if you want to participate as an individual or with a friend, and we can arrange this for you.


People take part in this challenge for many different reasons, from charity fundraisers, team building events, or simply to push their mind and body to the limits by taking part in an activity in a beautiful part of the world. The Lake District offers a stunning backdrop to the 3 Peaks Mountain Challenge, and when you take part in such a fulfilling type of event, you leave with a sense of achievement and some amazing memories that will stay with you forever. 


We offer the 3 Peaks Challenge to groups and individuals from April to October and we also have a number of alternatives you might be tempted by, including the Lake District 3 Peaks with bikes, and the Lake District 3 Peaks in 36 hours, with a night of camping, included.       


Like most of the challenges we have to offer you here at Distant Horizons, we recommend you have a good level of fitness to complete the 3 Peaks, and we suggest you follow the training advice we send to you which is included in the cost of the package. 

Should you require more information about the 3 Peak Mountain Challenge here in the Lake District, you can check availability and get in touch online, or call to have a friendly chat with us on 01768 486 465. 

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