Bradgate Bakery and Melton Foods Team Building Event

Bradgate Bakery and Melton Foods Team Building Event

We run a wide variety of team building packages in the Lake District, from ice breaker sessions to multi day journeys and challenges.  Here is an insight into what the teams got up to on a bespoke adventure package.

The Plan

On this occasion we were asked to design and run a program over 2 days for around 90 individuals, divided over 5 separate events.  After initial discussions over the phone we visited the client’s workplace to experience their working environment and help us better understand their needs.  This allowed us to clarify the aims and help ascertain a goal which the program would run to.

The event would provide the participants with the opportunity to be taken out of their comfort zone, work closely with new colleagues, be creative, make personal and group decisions, and create an experience that would ultimately lead to a more effective and efficient working environment. 

The program

At around 4pm our clients for the next couple of days arrived at their accommodation; some stayed on our private estate in our luxury lodge accommodation whilst others took up residence in local B&Bs and hotels.  Once everyone was settled and freshened up we transported them all to our estate where an introductory evening of activities awaited, which introduced the clients to; communicating effectively, resourcefulness, team trust, managing roles, stretching comfort zones and being creative.  The onsite activities ranged from collecting information by being hoisted up a tree, to nailing a target at 50 yards with an air rifle, to raft building in the dark.  After all of the evening activities it was time to head to our large indoor area for food, refreshments, music and a briefing as to what would be happening during the following day.

Early next morning everyone was brought back to our base for a good breakfast and final preparations before heading off into our stunning Ullswater valley for the day.  The group divided themselves into teams that would travel by canoe, on foot or by steamer ferry for the first part of the day while performing tasks along the way.  The canoeists had to navigate there crafts around the lake taking pictures and collecting information as they went.  The walkers had to manage their time and walk along the beautiful Ullswater lakeshore path and meet up with the paddlers at certain locations to complete larger group tasks and pass on detailed information.  Meanwhile the team that opted for the less physical part of the day took the steamer ferry 8 miles down the lake where they had to collect information about local produce, people and history and this information would later be presented to the rest of the team.  No matter what the activity each sub team had tasks which needed to be fulfilled to help the entire group complete the challenge.  One of these tasks was to film a 30 second clip of themselves talking about what inspired them, which would later be seen by the whole group.

At 1pm all the sub groups converged upon a location half way down the lake where we laid out lunch, snacks, soup and hot drinks.  Here the groups were able to share their experiences and collate the information they had been tasked with finding.  After lunch a new set of options were given to the entire group and each person could choose either to walk, mountain bike or road bike to an iconic location within the valley, or focus on cerebral tasks on the lake shore.   After a couple of hours each team returned from their chosen activity and converged for the last time before either biking, paddling, or walking back to our base to debrief and go for a well-earned shower and a drink.

The outcome

Throughout the day each person was a given several options as to which type of activity they wanted to undertake.  This made for a very inclusive event so that all abilities could play to their strengths and not be restricted by activities; everyone had a role to play, with a wide variety of physical and mental tasks to choose from.  The importance of an event like this is that everyone, no matter what your jobs is or where you are, can coordinate and organise themselves to work well with the rest of the team and contribute in their own unique way.

For the evening we transported everyone to the local village where they were all booked to have dinner in lovely Lakeland pub.  It was immediately apparent on each occasion due to the stories being shared and rising laughter that everyone had in some way or another had a great day, whether that was due to being in a stunning setting, working closely with different people, being successful in a task or just because someone fell in the lake.  Without realising it the entire group reviewed their performance by sharing their experiences of the day.  After dinner when everyone was winding down we ran a slideshow of all the photos collected from the day so that the teams could consolidate those memories and view the many selfies!  They also watched the inspirational videos people had filmed throughout the day which brought on a few more laughs.  After all this everyone headed to bed weary and full of food with not a single person complaining at breakfast that they hadn't been able to sleep.

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