An adventure team building day for Greencore in the Lake District

An adventure team building day for Greencore in the Lake District

Over the years Distant Horizons has had the pleasure of working with wide range of companies in a huge range of outdoor adventurous activities.  This time, ‘Greencore’ a leading international producer of convenience foods, came to visit our beautiful part of the Lake District National Park.  


After arranging a nice gentle 10am start the group arrived on site seemingly confident and ready to go.  We sat them down, introduced ourselves, put the kettle on and calmly explained that the next six hours would involve some elements of water and height.  Suddenly some of the guys confessed that past experiences had left them a little nervous about both of these elements.  This was of course before they had the Distant Horizons adventure team building experience.


We left the Distant Horizons base at around 11am and made our way to the southern end of Ullswater, in the Lake District, where we would begin our multi activity journey back down the lake.  Our transportation for the day would be our flagship boats – (Wilderness System tandem sea kayaks) perfect for novices and great for travelling on flat water.  We had designed an orienteering course that would split the team building group in half and lead them to a variety of locations on Ullswater.  At around point number 5 it was time to introduce the first of 3 challenge stops, this one was an abseil.  The teams were set the task of controlling and managing a safe and controlled decent down a lakeside cliff face.  Each member would look after one of their colleagues to promote trust between the team.  Fortunately everyone survived and made it back to the beach for sandwiches, cakes and hot drinks.


As the day progressed and we slowly drew closer to the team’s hotel - Macdonald Leeming House - but the group were met with the next task, an unexpected (to them) stop in silver bay; a wide open rocky bay with spectacular views to the north.  At Silver Bay the task was to master an ancient challenge known as ‘The Towers of Hanoi’, and emphasis was put on completing it in as little moves as possible.  As it turned out some of the team were logistical experts and this task was swiftly and efficiently mastered.

The last section of our journey took us to another cliff face.  We still don’t know the actual height as like all good tales the size increases each time you tell it.  Anyway, this cliff face had no ropes, harnesses or helmets involved so as the team looked puzzled Jason demonstrated how to reach the bottom with a brief explanation and a great leap.  Everyone gasped as they watched Jason propel himself off the top into the depths below.  As he resurfaced he was met by mixture of scared and excited faces at the top of the cliff, ‘Your turn!’ he shouted.

And relax.....

Two hours later we met the team on the terrace outside their hotel for a celebratory beer.  Everyone had jumped from the cliff and pulled a range of weird and wonderful faces as they plummeted into and out of the water.  The size of the cliff had gone from 20ft to 90ft at this point and everyone was remembering different events from the day.  It was agreed that each task provided a different challenge for each person and no matter what the result was they did it as a team.

Dan and Jason had a great time on the team building day and we hope the Greencore team did too.

Want to organise your own Lake District Team Buiilding adventure day?

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Fantastic event! Great mix of activities including team building events that didn’t feel like they were force fed. The way the day was laid out meant even though we were in two’s on the Kayaks we were in this together. 

Simon Wood, Greencore

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