Spayne Lindsay Charity Challenge

Spayne Lindsay Charity Challenge

Please enjoy our recap of our charity challenge with Spayne Lindsay

Utilising our stunning natural surroundings we designed and hosted a 9 hour, 3 stage corporate challenge event for a wonderful group of people from Spayne Lindsay and their associates, that would make any daring participants mum proud.  The teams of four each had to complete an orienteering style challenge in 3 different disciplines; walking, cycling and canoeing.  Each section had a time cap of 3 hours and failing to return to the challenge base within that time would incur some serious penalties.  At this point no one knew how much money they had raised in total, but they all knew it was going to be worth it.

Friday Breifing

Our weekend started off with briefing the clients on the Friday evening and answering any questions that may help them sleep better that evening.  We aren’t sure what happened to everyone after, but we are confident that everyone got an early night and prepared solidly for the following morning!  

Saturday Morning

As Saturday dawned everyone awoke to partially clear skies and no rain.  A great start to what promised to be a great day.  Participants started to arrive at the challenge base in Patterdale around 6am and made full use of the breakfast van and the large space where they could warm up, stretch, and prepare themselves for the challenge ahead.  At 7am everyone lined up at the ‘Start’ gate, bouncing on their toes and shaking their legs ready for the first and possibly most gruelling part of the event; the mountain.  From the base of the valley each participant would have to climb up the long track towards Helvellyn, collecting points from the markers on the way.  The teams had to plan an effective and efficient route around the course to utilise the time they had to collect as many points as possible.  With the highest point being at a staggering 950 metres and the route involving Swirral Edge – not for the faint of heart - it was definitely going to be a challenge.  The weather was stunning and everyone performed brilliantly, and after 2 hours in the mountains everyone made a dash for the finish line.  The mountain section was complete and the participants had 30 minutes rest time to gear up for the next sections.

Saturday Afternoon

The second part of the day involved half of the teams going biking and the other half canoeing, this is where the weather stopped being kind to our bold adventurers.  The clouds had rolled in and for the next 5 hours we had a downpour of rain that had been saving itself especially for today.  Both the canoeist and cyclists were dripping wet, and that was long before the cliff jump for extra points.  Despite the harsh conditions there was still a buzz in the air when each team returned to the challenge base.  People were getting tired… but they were determined to continue and reach the finish.

Towards the end of the last section the rain seemed to ease and the clouds retreated a little, which made the last push that little bit easier.  The canoeists left their boats and ran to the top of the cliff and with a big deep breath jumped into Lake Ullswater, whilst the cyclists collected the final points of the day and returned to base.  For everyone the day was about raising money for charity, but for some it also turned out to be a day to push the limits and realise their potential.

And relax....

We would like to congratulate everyone on completing the Spayne Lindsay Charity Challenge and we hope you enjoyed the evening festivities as well, with thanks to Samworth Brothers for the canapés, The Stripped Pig for the hog roast and our musicians from Edinburgh.  Here at Distant Horizons we would like to say a big thank you for taking part and for raising over £50,000 for charity!

Well Done!

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