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Top 5 ideas for Lake District Charity Challenge Events

Charity challenges can be a great way to raise money for your charity, whether you’re an extreme thrill seeker or a hiking hobbyist, outdoor and indoor activities can be a unique way to promote your cause. People are more likely to donate to a fundraiser when there is a physical challenge involved; this encourages both a healthy lifestyle and gives a reason behind sponsoring someone – it is found that having a challenge to overcome, or physical goal is a good way to motivate donations.

Another company bake sale may not get…

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Ullswater Litter Pick November 2018

10 Nov 2018 - Emma

For several years Distant Horizons have organised canoe-based litter picks on Ullswater in a bid to help make it a cleaner place to live, visit and enjoy. This year they are joining forces with Lake District National Park Volunteers to collect litter from key sites around Ullswater, and along the Ullswater Way.

When is it happening?

Wednesday 21 November, 10am – 1pm at Eusemere Car Park, Pooley Bridge.

How can I get involved?

On the water, Distant Horizons will utilise their…

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Corporate Team Packages

At Distant Horizons we look to provide a wide range of high quality active and enjoyable corporate away days, as we understand that this can help businesses to become more successful. With years of experience we believe that our adventures can push your employees to become the best they can be from the wide variety of packages:

  • Corporate Team Building Events
  • Corporate Challenge Events
  • Corporate Incentive Travel Packages
  • Executive Coaching & Team Building Facility Lake District

Why team…

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Are You Ready To Conquer The 3 Peaks Mountain Challenge?

30 Jan 2018 - Nick

At Distant Horizons, we have a range of challenging activities designed to push you to the limit and help you accomplish life goals you never thought you would achieve. Our 3 Peaks mountain challenge is a good example of this covering 3 of the most demanding summit regions in the Lake District, to give competitors a real sense of achievement. Physically demanding, this invigorating experience will leave you feeling totally rewarded, and it’s mentally stimulating too, so you are sure to achieve the maximum benefit from this fun, but ultimately…

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There’s no need to feel nervous about kayaking on the 3 Lakes Challenge

30 Jan 2018 - Nick

 The 3 Lakes Challenge is always a popular event for our clients, but understandably, some people feel nervous about taking part due to their lack of kayaking experience. Whilst it might seem daunting, there’s nothing to worry about, and we are here to support you at all stages at Distant Horizons, so you get the best experience from this very rewarding event.

We only use tandem sea kayaks for our water-based activities, and these are great for beginners who might have little or no experience. As big, stable boats, they put…

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Start Training Now for our 3 Lakes Challenge!

5 Dec 2017 - Nick

Here at Distant Horizons, we’re passionate about helping people to push themselves and see them achieve what they thought they never could. Our 3 Lakes Challenge is one of our most popular events and kayaking through the three longest lakes in the UK, a total distance of 35km, in under 12 hours. Our 3 Lakes Challenge is chosen by a wide range of people, whether they want to test themselves, organise a team building exercise with a difference, or use it as a sponsorship challenge for charity. You’ll also find that the 3 Lakes Challenge…

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Do Something Amazing this 2018: Event Challenges with Distant Horizons

9 Nov 2017 - Nick

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, now is the time to get prepared to do something new, challenging and amazing in the New Year. Here at Distant Horizons, we specialise in working with groups of friends and colleagues to build up a unique experience in the Lake District where you can push yourself to your limits, and then find out you can break through them. Not only are our adventure challenges physically demanding, they’ll help you to become closer to the rest of your group and help you beat the January blues.

We offer…

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Enjoy a Day of Adventure with Distant Horizons this Summer

25 May 2017 - Nick

Here at Distant Horizons, we know how difficult it can be to find fun activities to enjoy over the summer, which is why we offer a wide range of activities for families and groups of friends to enjoy. We’re in the heart of the Lake District and Eden Valley, so you can easily reach us at any point of your Lake District holiday and enjoy yourselves doing something slightly different. Whether you want some adventurous outdoor activities or new indoor activities to try out, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the team…

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Team Building Activities are Unbeatable for Productivity and High Morale

9 May 2017 - Nick

Team building has a bad reputation and when you mention a team building day or weekend to your team, the chances are you won’t see any smiles, but team building events are one of the biggest and worthwhile investments you can make. Team building challenges work by building up trust between your team and helping to ease any underlying conflict, encouraging and improving communication and improving the level and quality of collaboration. Team building activities at Distant Horizons are specifically designed to be enjoyable and adventurous,…

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Choose Distant Horizons for Your Company’s Charity Challenge

29 Mar 2017 - Nick

Tucked in the scenic Lake District in the heart of Ullswater, Distant Horizons have been helping people to push themselves and achieve amazing things for over 20 years. Our challenge events have been enjoyed by everyone, from seasoned adrenaline junkies to people looking to give themselves a challenge to overcome. The feeling of achievement from completing an adventure challenge is amazing, and many people come back to us regularly to push themselves even further.

With more and more companies, groups of friends and individuals looking…

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